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All chopped up

Okay, this’ll be the last post about the giant pile of wood in my backyard, or my wood-chopping weather woes, but dang it, if it don’t feel good to get that pile o’ wood chopped and stacked! Check it. From this: To this: It’s all ready to go...

This running stuff does work

Despite the lack of updates about it, I am still at this running thing. Three times a week, with my running group and sometimes on my own when I miss their running times. I’m not sure which I prefer right now. I’m naturally a hermit and have cycled many...

Playing the rain game

The thing about having a pile of wood in your backyard, in plain sight of your office, is that you always want to get out there and get that sucker chopped. It sounds perverse, I know. Who would want to actually chop wood? But knowing that the cold weather is on its...

Chopping through plot problems

If it’s October, then it’s wood chopping time around here and that’s the pile I got to chop. We have a really great woodstove that beats the pants off the wimpy electric heaters stuck to the baseboards in our apartment. So, each fall I buy about half...

Run, Mel, run!

Well, I survived last night’s induction into the cult of the Running Room with no major injuries or heart failure. It was actually easier than I expected, but we were only doing run one minute, walk two minutes. I know it’ll get harder in the coming weeks,...

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