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  • 2012  A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comic selection
  • 2012  CCBC Best Books starred selection
  • 2012  SYRCA Diamond Willow nominee

Power Play

Graphic Guide Adventures #6

Who knew saving the world would be this hard?

World leaders, corporate bosses and one vendetta.  Devin and Nadia team up with Bounce, Pema and Marcus and face off against swarm of politicians, lobbyists, corporate bosses and protesters have all converged on the summit to get their messages heard.

A tragic accident just hours before their parents’ presentation plunges the kids into their biggest mystery yet and sets them on the trail of a murderer bent on stopping their parents’ controversial message from being heard.

It’s a fight against the planet’s power players as the kids dive into the world of politics, uncovering how government works, the history of democracy, the influence of lobbyists and corporations on politicians and the potential of civil society to change it all.


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“An enjoyable story . . . strong mystery presented with information about world politics, power, and the benefits of political protest.”


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What others are saying . . .

“Another educational thriller in graphic mode. . . there is an enjoyable level of suspense.” Kirkus Reviews

“A welcome counter to the superhero and fantasy tales that dominate the genre.”

School Library Journal

“If you happen to have students that are struggling in reading I suggest that you introduce Wild Ride as it is sure to capture their interest and excitement!”

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“Deas’ illustrations are full of life. This is especially true in the soccer scenes, where vibrant colours and a sure hand give the images the impression of real movement.”

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