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Battle for Minecraft

Who knew a foam sword could end the world?

A brand new adventure series for middle grade readers set in Minecraft.

Coming November  14, 2014

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Tank & Fizz

Two monsters living under a mountain, fighting crime one mystery at a time.

A new graphic mystery series coming Spring 2015.

Meet the Monsters!

Geeked Out Mysteries

“An entertaining read with a great mystery. Definitely a must read for teen gamers.”

Amy’s Marathon of Books

Geek Out with Ganked

Graphic Guide Adventures

“. . . perfect for reluctant readers and adventure aficionados.”

CM Magazine

Begin the Adventure

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“Media Meltdown has some good tension and twists, and the resolution is really sweet.”

Cory Doctorow

I’m here, too:


Working on . . .

  • Tank & Fizz 1 – with proofreader. Out March ’15 100%
  • Descent into Overworld – with editor. Out Nov ’14 100%
  • Tank & Fizz 2 – with editor at Orca 100%
  • West Meadows Mysteries 1 – with editor at Owlkids 100%
  • Nether Nightmare – working on now! 43%
  • Geeked Out Mysteries 2 – on deck. 10%

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