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Tank & Fizz: Monster Detectives Coming Soon!

Monsters and Mysteries collide in Tank & Fizz my new series for younger readers coming soon from Orca Book Publishers and illustrated by the ghoulishly talented Mike Deas.


Geeked Out Mysteries #1

“I was riding my bronze dragon when someone crushed Lincoln Rensk’s skull with a computer monitor.”

Fifteen year old Orin Hatch came to StrifeCon to geek-out over his favourite online video game and own noobs on the PvP battlefield.

Now, he’s running from the cops, searching for his brother and hunting a killer.

Get Ganked Today!

Ganked is the first book in the new Geeked Out Mysteries series for young adults, from award-winning mystery author Liam O’Donnell.

Learn more about Ganked.

Tech Tales Short Stories

Tech Tales is a brand new series of short stories for middle grade readers available exclusively as digital downloads for your favourite e-reading device.

Learn more about Tech Tales and see why they’re the perfect stories for your classroom.

Graphic Guide Adventures

This series let me explore blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Each book combines an action-adventure story with real world facts. From learning wilderness survival skills to digging deep into democracy, this series has been nominated for numerous awards and been a hit with readers across North America.

Max Finder Mystery

In 2002, I pitched Owl Magazine on a new idea I had for a comic series and Max Finder Mystery was born. With influences from Encyclopedia Brown, this comic series has won numerous awards and continues to run in the magazine after ten mystery-filled years.

With Craig Battle

Around 2009, I stepped back from writing each Max and Alison mystery. Craig Battle took over the writing, while I consulted on the mysteries and added a short story or two the Collected Casebooks.

Early Graphic Novels



Graphic Science - Food ChainsGraphic Science - ElectricityGraphic Science - Photosynthesismigcovthumbimig-cov-thumbdemoccovthumb

Real World of Pirates Series

Pirate CodePirate TreasurePirate GearPirate Ships

Pet Tales Picture Books

Wiston in the CityDaisy on the   FarmPepper: A Snowy SearchBaxter Needs a HomeTracker: On the JobLucy and the Busy BoatGinger Leads the WayDuncan: A Brave Rescue

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  • Want Minecraft in Your Classroom?

    Since 2011, I've used Minecraft to engage my students with reading, writing and math. And you can too.

    I founded the GamingEdus.org project, so teachers can learn to play the game, connect with other educators and see how they can use Minecraft and other video games with students.

    Check out our white list request page and join in on the fun and learning.

  • Wild Ride is perfect for reluctant readers and adventure aficionados. — School Library Journal

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