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Max Finder Mystery

Collected Casebook #3

Max and Alison are back with their third Collected Casebook.

In this new collection of puzzles, the two young detectives tackle ten baffling whodunits, including “The Case of the Back-to-School Sneak,” “The Case of the Slime Tank Sabotage,” and “The Case of the Movie Set Mischief.”

Each case is crammed with clues, stuffed with suspects, and riddled with enough red herrings to keep readers guessing till the last panel, and each deals with an issue preteens can relate to. With its full-color comic illustrations, witty dialogue, and action-packed content, the collection keeps even reluctant readers engaged and laughing for hours.

“An excellent addition to the Canadian children’s graphic novel compendium.”

Canadian Chidren's Book Centre

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