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  • 2012 Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics
  • 2010 CCBC Best Books
  • 2009 Joe Shuster Comics for Kids Award nominee

Food Fight

Graphic Guide Adventures #5

Devin and Nadia are in a desperate race to stop a multinational corporation from gaining control of the food supply and destroying their mother’s career in the process.

While Devin and Nadia spend summer vacation at a university camp for little kids—Nadia as a counselor and Devin as an unwilling participant—their mother’s research project is vandalized and her motives are questioned. Devin, Nadia and Simon stumble upon shady characters, corporate conspiracy and a plot to take over the nation’s food supply with genetically modified fertilizer.

Mixing action and suspense with information on the agricultural system and the intricacies of the food supply, Food Fight is another gripping installment in the Graphic Guide Adventure series.


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“It’s clear that O’Donnell has a knack for not only entertaining with an unsolved case but teaching important facts.”

Publishers Weekly

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What others are saying . . .

“O’Donnell has once again used his unique teaching tool to inform a generation of children about a current and growing social concern. Accessible, interesting, and relevant. This graphic novel is highly recommended.” CM Magazine

“An interesting mix of fast paced adventure story and non-fiction information. A good purchase for elementary and middle schools.” Resource Links

“This would be a great addition to an environment collection and will entice the reluctant reader with the graphic novel format.” Tacoma School District #10

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