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Max Finder Mystery

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Twelve year old Max Finder has a mind for obscure facts, a nose for mysteries and two brand new graphic novels packed with you-solve-it mysteries, puzzles and cool behind the scenes action. The Collected Casebook Vol.1 and Collected Casebook Vol.2 are both available in bookstores across North America and online directly from Owlkids Publishing.

Read a vintage Max Finder Mystery today and see if you can crack the case. Visit Owlkids.com for Max Findery Mystery E-Cards and Screensavers!

Praise for the Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebooks


Winner – 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award (Collected Casebook Vol.2)

Winner – 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award (Collected Casebook Vol.1)

- Association of Educational Publishers, USA

Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook, Volume 2 contains enough intrigue, appeal, relevance, mystery, challenge, and fun to be the ideal travel companion for preteens setting out on a long summer road trip. *** /4

- CM Magazine, May 25th 2007

In addition to appealing to amateur sleuths, these graphic mysteries offer reluctant readers short, manageable reads within an inviting comic-book format.

- Quill and Quire, December 2006

Spot-on illustrations and dialogue distinguish this graphic series.

- Canadian Family Magazine, May 2007

An excellent addition to the Canadian children’s graphic novel compendium.

- Canadian Children’s Book News, Winter 2007

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