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Media Meltdown

Graphic Guide Adventures #4

Pema, Bounce and Jagroop are battling a greedy developer for control of the airwaves.

When Karl Reed, Owner of Oasis Developments, tries to buy a local fruit farm—through whatever means necessary—Pema, Bounce and Jagroop decide to expose him through the media. They soon learn when it comes to the news and the advertisers who make it possible, the truth is not always part of the story. Can the kids overcome media consolidation and the power of money to outwit a crooked developer and the media company that hides his secrets?

Media Meltdown is a fast-paced mystery illustrated by Michael Deas and packed with media literacy skills every modern kid should have.


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“Understanding how media gets made and learning to make your own media are critical skills for kids, and this is a great starting-point.” Cory Doctorow

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What others are saying . . .

“An excellent choice for developing media literacy…The design and layout are colorful and fast paced. The text is well written and paired with useful imagery.”

School Library Journal

“A very entertaining and informative graphic novel and is sure to impress and instruct a generation of computer savvy children. Recommended.”

CM Magazine

“The children’s ability with electronic technology—and interest in learning more—will ring true for many readers, old and young alike, and lends veracity to this already engaging mystery.”

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