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The beautiful pain in my back

So I’m there on Friday evening, the cable freshly installed and one game already watched, preparing to go to Book Expo on the Saturday when I turn and CRACK! Blinding pain shoots through my back and it’s all I can do to lower myself to the hardwood floor.

And that’s where I spend all day Saturday and Sunday. On my back, riding pain killers trying not to strain too much to even breath. So, no Book Expo, no Children’s Gala night and no drinks at the TLA function. I missed it all in a blur of pain killers and that sucks.

Today, the back is not too painful, so I’m heading down to BEC for a quick look around and then straight home to the comfort of my flat, firm floor.

On the upside, I did manage to see the soccer. But cheering was pretty painful.



  1. Oh, poor you! Oh well, next I’ll join you and we’ll have twice the fun :-)

    Be careful, be good to yourself, and feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Anita. I literally just got home from BEC after hobbling around for about an hour. Very busy and everyone happy, happy, which is great to see. Lots of free books too, but I had to refuse all offers as I’m lucky I was able to stand up straight without the added weight of books. BEC is not the place to go if you don’t have a large sack and a strong back! Next year for sure.

  3. Yowch. I’ve done that before and spent a day on a concrete floor.

    Sorry you had to miss all the free drinks and books networking at the Book Expo. Don’t get all excited watching the footie and pop it again. But I’m beginning to can understand the popularity of this game: watched Sweden vs. Paraguay and that save by the Paraguay goalie toward the end (caught out of net, caught up with the ball and cleared it and made a face plant) was insane.

    Tylenol 3′s are your friends

    Tylenol 3′s chased with gin – not your friend. Unless your Hunter S Thompson.

  4. Thanks Jason – yeah T3s, a hard floor and sock in my mouth during many of the games is my secret to recovery.


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