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Unless you’ve been living in the shed at the back our yard (with the racoon family that currently resides there), you are well aware that tomorrow marks the beginning of an incredibly important and massive event of worldwide cultural significance. That’s right it’s time for Book Expo Canada!

Sorry, did you think I was talking about that wee kick-about happening in Germany?

Well, it’s been on my mind too. This weekend marks the kick off (literally in one case) of these two events and there’s been a football match of epic proporations waging in my writer’s brain for weeks now. Do I let BEC take the cup and miss the first rush of World Cup games to attend the conference, or do I give FIFA the edge and duck out of the conference to watch the games?

Until yesterday, BEC was up by a goal and looking good heading into the second half.

Since I don’t have cable, I’d have to head to the pub to watch the opening game. At 11:30 am. And that’d be the same for all the games. That’s a bit early for even me to be in the pub on a regular basis. I just couldn’t see that happening. Fine, forget the World Cup. I’ll read about it online. I won’t get caught up in all the hype. 1 – 0 for BEC.

And then a friend sent me this video and FIFA knocked one into the back of the net. It’s 1-1 and we’re heading into injury time.

So, faced with a full month of either watching the games at bars or reading about it after the fact, what do I do?

Simple. I get cable.

The guy comes tomorrow afternoon, just in time to catch the highlights from the morning’s games. Please understand the magnitude of me getting cable. I hate TV. Compared to all the delivery systems out there, TV gives no control to the viewers and forces them to sit through hours of crap commercials. TV is so 20th century. Any TV shows I do watch are rented and usually from HBO or the BBC. But I will endure a month of TV crap for the paid sports channels that have exclusive licence to the games.

Score another goal for FIFA. That makes it 2-1 FIFA at the final whistle.

But not to worry, I will be heading to BEC tomorrow and Saturday. As for this weekend’s games? That’s what VCRs are for. As for Monday through to July 9th? You’ll find me in front of the TV watching the beautiful game at its best. I really hope I can get some writing done this summer.

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