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the towerMy mom and some visiting relatives are heading into Toronto today for a bit of sightseeing and touring about the big city. So, where are we kicking off our tour of T.O?

Where else, but the CN Tower! Like Niagara Falls and other great Canadian landmarks and monuments, I only ever visit these places when we have visitors from out of town. It’s the same in every city, isn’t it?

Since it’s been a few years, I’m looking forward to zooming up the glass elevator and standing (buy probably not eating $45! for lunch?!) in the revolving restaurant.

The tower will be a focus for me in the coming weeks as the launch of the Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook will be happening there on September 16th – everyone’s invited!

Okay, now I’m off to get ready to hit the tower and other TO landmarks. You see, the tower is so tall, I couldn’t write a post to match it’s height!

Now that is a tall building.

Tand F page 138

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