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maxcvrwebsml.jpgAs I’ve said a lot recently, one of the best parts of writing a book is finally seeing it all put together in papery form. These days with that whizbang internet thingy, authors usually get proofs of their books in electronic format as a pdf, so the thrill is somewhat reduced. But today is going to be different.

Today, the doorbell is going to ring and a courier will present me with the laser proofs of Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook Vol. 1, the new graphic novel starring my favourite detective duo, Max Finder and Alison Santos.

This book has been many years in the making and I’m very excited to see it finally take shape. It’s a collection of ten of the best Max Finder Mysteries bundled together with puzzles and Max Finder quizzes. It’ll be launched on September 16th at the top of the CN Tower as part of the tower’s and Owl magazine’s 30th birthday celebrations.

So, as I’m typing away in my rush to beat the whistle, I’ll have one ear listening at the door, waiting in anticipation to see how Max and Alison look after their move from magazine pages to their new graphic novel format. Can you handle the excitement?

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