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maxcvrwebsml.jpgOn Tuesday night in Washington DC, the folks at Association of Educational Publishers gave Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook Vol. 1 the Distinguished Achievement Award in the graphic novel category.

I’m thrilled and honoured to win the award. But as any writer will tell you, writing the words is only the beginning. Max Finder Mystery couldn’t have been possible without the help of the very talented editors at OWL magazine who helped shape Max, Alison and the whole Whispering Meadows gang into the clue-sniffing, award-winning crew they are today. Thanks to Mary Beth, Angela, Katherine and everyone in the editorial department at Owl magazine and OwlKids books.

It goes without saying that a successful comic has to have kickin’ illustrations, and Max Finder Mystery definitely has that. Thanks to Michael Cho for giving the comic the fantastic style and look that grabs kids’ eyeballs and sucks them right in.

I can hear the music telling me to get off the stage, so I’ll wrap this up.

Thanks again to all the Max Finder fans out there and to the AEP for giving me the right to change my bio to “Award-winning author . . . “

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