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I’ve posted earlier about RFID tags in kids clothes and cell phones providing a handy way for parents to strip kids of all sense of privacy and personal responsibility, while exposing their developing organs (like that useful thing called a brain) to potentially harmful levels of radiation. Chipping your kids may give parents more time to spend on the golf course or at the office, it doesn’t solve every niggling concern.

You see, the annoying thing about kids is even when you hide tracking devices on them, someone still has to take the time to actually watch them. What a complete pain! Who knew that breeding would be such a big responsibility?

Thankfully, parents now have another level of high tech wizardry to remove them from contact with their icky children and save them the hassle of actually watching their little darlings: robots!

Via we make money not art:

“Japanese company Secom has released the “SECOM School Security,” a system which monitors kids using RFID tags while they are commuting to and from school but also uses robots (the good old “smoking robots”) that move around and monitor school properties. The robots can also “scare” suspicious people by fast movements, light and smoke.”

I want to know who is watching the robots watch the children? Oh wait, I know: robots watch robots watch children.

Tell me where the parents are again?


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