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When I first started this blog I was concerned on the impact it’d have on my *real* writing, so I sought advice from the one writer who would definitely have a blog: William Gibson.

When I arrived at his site, I found that he’d stopped blogging because it was getting in the way of his fiction writing.

That concerned me, because if this guy can’t balance blogging and fiction writing how was I going to do it? But I persevered and kept up the blog and kept up the fiction writing. I’ve made it work mostly because when the paid writing gets busy or the writer’s block too jammed, the blog goes silent. But I always return to the blog for whatever reason. And now it seems that Gibson has returned to his blog. His reasons for returning, like his best novels, crystalize the conscious of the time and point to an ominious future:


Because the United States currently has, as Jack Womack so succintly puts it, a president who makes Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln.

And because, as the Spanish philospher Unamuno said, “At times, to be silent is to lie.”

From the archives, you’ll see that this is very old news, it happened back in October 04. But as with everything that’s pretty cool, I arrive fashionably late.

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