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“[The audience for these books] is not what we have always thought of as the traditional Christian market. It’s Joe Everybody. When a tsunami hits, you want to be reassuring to your kids.”

– Robin Corey, Simon & Schuster Publishing

Good to see the folks at Simon & Schuster don’t have a problem using one of the worst natural disasters in history to move some product. They are cashing in on both world disasters and the booming Christian children’s book market with their new line of religious books for kids. And by religious, we’re obviously talking about Christianity because, according to this Newsweek article they are both one in the same.

The new line of books, called “Little Simon Inspirations”, won’t actually quote scripture or feature Jesus playing soccer, but they will be heavy on message and look eerily like books that a certain writer/blogger has just put out. See for yourself – jesus / no jesus. Scary stuff.

Their books don’t come with a stuffed toy, so I least I have that market cornered. For now.

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