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More Blocky Action!


The adventure continues in Nether Nightmare.

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Descent into Overworld

Battle of the Blocks 1

Things got serious when the creeper blew up the cafeteria.”

Hamid, Ant and Jaina just want to create epic builds in Minecraft. When a mysterious stranger gives them four foam swords, the three friends and their videogame-hating principal are transported into a world of blocks and thrown into an epic battle to save their favorite game.

Together, Hamid and his friends must fight the horde of zombies, skeletons and creepers. But first, they have to stop their principal before he makes a deal with the game’s ultimate dark force to destroy Minecraft once and for all.

 Grab your pickaxe, the Battle of the Blocks has begun . . .



The Final Battle!


The final battle arrives in Escape from the End.

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Now Available in French!


 Read the Battle of the Blocks adventure in French today.

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“Will be quite a popular book with readers, especially players of Minecraft.”

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Latest News for Battle of the Blocks

Remembering Lola

It was not supposed to go this way. This announcement was meant to be a cause for celebration. Last Friday’s attacks in Paris changed all that. A few months ago, I was contacted by the French publisher Éditions Gründ about translating my Minecraft book series Battle...

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