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Real World of Pirates

Real World of Pirates

Treasure maps, buried chests filled with gold, parrots standing on shoulders all conjure up images of pirates. But did pirates really have parrots, draw up cryptic maps or even hang on to their treasure long enough to bury it?

The Real World of Pirates separates the piratey facts from sea-faring fiction in a fact-filled and fun format that will get the timbers of young swashbucklers shivering (not that I know what is a timber and how it can be shivered!)

This six book series is published by Capstone Press and is available in school classrooms and libraries across North America.

Ask for the Real World of Pirates at your local book store or get your school librarian to order the whole shipshape series!

The Pirate Code: The Life of a Pirate

Even the most blood thirsty pirate had a set of rules to follow. It was called the Pirate Code and it kept those
swash-buckling, cutthroats and crimminals under control and all that pirate treasure flowing.

The Pirate Code delves into the rules of buccaneers to uncover some fascinating truths about those muderers on the high seas.

Pirate Gear: Cannons, Swords and the Jolly Roger

From flintock pistols to rum soaked grog, a pirate’s success often depended on their tools of the trade. Pirate Gear looks at the all the stuff that made pirates a force to be feared around the world.

With detailed illustrations and in-depth explanations, readers will learn the difference between ratlines and rigging and learn why the iconic skull and crossbone flag was often a pirate’s most potent weapon.

Pirate Ships: Sailing the High Seas

A pirate without a ship is pirate without a home. From massive three-masted riggers to sleek and swift sloops,
each pirate ship was as unique as the pirate captain who sailed her.

Pirate Ships takes readers on board some of the most famous pirate ships in history and lets them get under the rigging to see how they worked from the top of the crow’s nest to the dark galleys belowdecks.

Pirate Treasure: Stolen Riches

To many people pirate treasure means buried chests packed with gold and gems, but to a pirate treasure could be anything from rolls of silks, barrels of spices, even medicines.

Pirate Treasure opens the chest on the loot that every pirate was after. Did they really bury their treasure? Did ‘X’ really mark the spot? All the piratey truths are told in Pirate Treasure: Stolen Riches

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