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Battle of the Blocks

Three friends, four foam swords and a whole world of blocky trouble

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Middle Grade Minecraft Action!

Hamid, Ant and Jaina just want to dodge homework, fight creepers and create epic builds.

When a mysterious stranger gives them four foam swords, the three friends and their video game-hating principal are transported into a world of blocks and thrust into an epic battle to save their favorite game.

Grab your pickaxe and dive into Battle of the Blocks 1: Descent into Overworld today!

What Readers are Saying!

Amazon Reader Reviews

True Diamond Swords

I think Descent into Overworld is an excellent book for all kids and Minecraft lovers. The book has a lot of suspense and adventure. 


It is great to be able to give them an adventure fiction …

Working as an elementary school librarian I predict this book will be a hit with the 7-12 age group that flock to anything Minecraft.

Tricia Reese

Creepers are gonna blow!

I love your book!! I really enjoy Minecraft and I enjoy books about Minecraft. It was a funny read because of the spaghetti in the cafeteria at the beginning. 


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Remembering Lola

It was not supposed to go this way. This announcement was meant to be a cause for celebration. Last Friday’s attacks in Paris changed all that. A few months ago, I was contacted by the French publisher Éditions Gründ about translating my Minecraft book series Battle...

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