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I’ve been having fun blogging over at tankandfizz.com, the official website of my Tank & Fizz series. You should hop over there and check out all the cool stuff.

But if hopping is just too much for you today, that’s okay. I’ve added my latest post below, for your reading and non-hopping pleasure.


Liam here with another installment of Meet the Monsters! (cue theme music.)

So far, we’ve met our sleuths, Tank and Fizz. We’ve met their friend, Aleetha the wizard-in-training. And we’ve had the unpleasant honour of meeting their nemesis Rizzo Rawlins.

Today it’s time to meet the monsters in charge of Slick City: Mayor Grimlock and his pals Sanzin Balazar and Rufus.

Sanzin Balazar, Rufus the goblin and Mayor Grimlock

Faces only a mother ogre could love: Sanzin Balazar, Rufus the goblin and Mayor Grimlock.

Together this motley crew run Tank and Fizz’s home town of Slick City.

Mayor Grimlock has been in charge since forever and has never met a bribe he didn’t like.

Sanzin Balazar runs SlurpCo Industries, the company that runs just about everything in Slick City.

Rufus the Goblin is Mayor Grimlock’s right hand monster and all around run around. Poor Rufus.

And they’re all really proud of the brand new SlurpCo stadium they just built.

They only had to bulldoze three neighbourhoods and two glowshroom groves to build it. So, a win for everyone (except the now-homeless monsters and the poor glowshrooms.)

But not every monster in Slick City likes the new SlurpCo stadium. And one monster is causing chaos across town in his quest to get the stadium shut down.

But that’s a story for another day . . .

Can’t wait to learn more about the monsters of Slick City? Pick up Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Battling Bots today and get battling!

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