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I’m always a bit sad on the last long weekend in the summer. Soon, the warm nights and sunny days will give way to icy winds and endless snow shoveling.

But I’m not sad this weekend and I have a group of monsters to thank (and Mike Deas and the folks at Orca Book Publishers, of course.)

Why is that? You ask (you did ask. I heard you.)  It’s because, ZOMG, I can show you the awesome cover for Tank & Fizz 1: The Case of the Slime Stampede!

Here it is:

Tank & Fizz 1: The Case of the Slime Stampede

Check out this cover! I’m kinda thrilled with it.

Isn’t fantastic?

I love how Mike worked all that slimy goop everywhere. That’s what happens in the book. And who’s that ogre spying on our detectives from the shadows? You’ll have to read the book to find out! 🙂

The Case of the Slime Stampede comes out March 2015, but you can pre-order it today.

Check out the Tank & Fizz page to get all the details on this new series.

What do you think of the cover? Is it slimy enough for you? I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a reply in the comments below.

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