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The Reprint Three: these reprint editions of my books landed in my mailbox last week.

With all my experimenting with ebooks and print on demand (POD) publishing, there is still nothing that can replace the thrill of having your books get reprinted by your publisher.

That’s what happened last week when the books in the photo above landed on my doorstep.

Publishers reprint books when they’ve sold all their existing copies or are coming close to selling out. To an author that means your books is actually selling. That’s a good thing.

I’m thrilled because my Graphic Guide Adventure series has been out for a while and almost all of them are into reprints. Hooray!

Wild Ride, first published in 2007 is in its third reprinting, while this is the first reprint for Food Fight and Power Play. That’s kind of cool.

So, a big thank you to the amazing folks at Orca Book Publishers who do so much to tell folks about my books. And huge grats and thanks to the fantastic Mike Deas, whose illustrations are a big factor in why the books continue to sell.

I look forward to the same success with my new series with Mike: Tank and Fizz. If you haven’t seen the sneak peaks of art Mike is sharing on our Tank and Fizz tumblr blog, you’re missing out on some monstrous fun.

Happy reading!

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