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My mug at the Toronto Public Library. Thankfully, there’s been no reports of patrons running away in fear. Yet.

I’m mid-way through running a four week writing workshop for kids at the Toronto Public Library and I’m having a blast.

This is the second year I’ve run the Get Graphic: Writing Comics (When You Can’t Draw) workshops and I’m having more fun than ever before.  The kids are bursting with ideas for comics and are natural writers – diving into our writer’s challenges, bouncing ideas off each other and generally being awesome.

Around this time last year, I posted some outlines for the first two sessions. You can check them out below:

Writing Comics Workshop for Kids Session 1: Brainstorming and Story Seeds

Writing Comics Workshop for Kids Session 2: Creating Characters

This week, we’re building the plots for our stories and getting our characters into big trouble! Watch for the Session outline here in the coming weeks!

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