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In addition to writing books and teaching kids with Minecraft, I also run a Minecraft server for educators called GamingEdus. With the help of a group of amazing colleagues, we’ve set up this server to be a fun, safe online space for educators to come explore Minecraft, learn the game and talk with other like-minded teachers about using it with their students.

For a long time I’ve wanted to showcase our server and now I’ve finally got the ball rolling with our first in series of videos taking viewers on a tour of the GamingEdus Minecraft server for educators.  It’s a quick guide to our spawn point and safehouse area. You also get to see me pwned by an iron door-button contraption. That’s always a bonus.

If you’re an educator curious to delve deeper with Minecraft, then join us! Fill out the GamingEdus server whitelist request form and you’ll be spilling buckets of lava with us in no time.

All this video stuff, started last week, when I gave myself (and any other educators out there) three Summer Project Challenges. You can read about them in my post: Play, Build & Explore: Three projects for teachers this summer. I’m considering this video as making progress on Challenge #3: Explore.

At it’s heart, this challenge was about stepping out of my own comfort zone, exploring a new challenge and failing – a lot. For me, this challenge was making online videos.  It’s something I wanted to try but haven’t done for many reasons. Read the post for all the details.  This video is only the first step in the “Explore” challenge. I’ll really be out of my comfort zone when I actually start making videos with me on camera. Those are coming. For better or worse.

I apologize in advance. No one is more terrified by this prospect than me.

In addition to writing award-winning kids books, I also teach elementary school and often have Tech Teaching resources and ideas to share with fellow educators and librarians. I deliver these resources and ideas to your inbox in my monthly e-newsletter Reading Change.

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