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I am finished . . .

The last of the pirate books has been approved, the short story for Kayak mag is in the can, and the latest Max Finder is complete. What’s that mean? It means I am done for the holidays! It’s time to sleep in, eat chocolate that tastes of oranges and...

Reading in Franklin’s Garden

With the snow definitely here to stay, I’m finding myself thinking back to the warmer days of summer. And that leads me back to my book reading on Franklin’s Island and the photos I never posted. Well, the wait is over, here they are! It was the weekend...

Tales from the cubicle

I’ll admit it – I’ve never worked in a cubicle, or an open plan office or any office as matter of fact. When I was 15, I told my mom that I never wanted to work in a place where I had to wear a tie. She was very sad at the time, but I’ve kept...

NDP ads set right tone for election

It’s no secret that I wear my politics on my sleeve (or blog, in this case), so I’ve got to come out and say that I’m very pleased with the NDP and their latest ad. The spectre of “going negative” is looming over this Canadian election,...

Saved from the dungeon: Art Slade, Video Star

Been trying to get this one out since November the bloody 28th: I know I just posted about fellow kids writer Arthur Slade and his monstrous podcasts, but he’s done it again. Arthur has created two short videos showcasing his writing. You can see him talk about...

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