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Next to culture, the environment hasn’t had much of a look-in during this federal election. During the English televised debate there wasn’t even one mention about clean energy, clean cars or any other issues that will keep our planet clean.

To get the dialogue started, the David Suzuki Foundation conducted a survey of the environmental policies for each of the major parties. It’s a great summary of where each party stands on the environment and worth checking out if you’re still undecided (NDP,NDP,NDP!)

Not surprisingly, the Conservatives didn’t even respond to the survey and there is very little mention of the environment in their platform. The Greens and the NDP came out looking the best with commitments to invest in green technology and alternative energies.

The survey is divided into four sections:

Clean Energy
Clean Cars
New Green Deal
Protecting Canada’s Natural Riches

Check out the whole article here.

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