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avoiding housemate hell

“Everything will go swimmingly at first – they’ll laugh at your jokes, and be totally cool with it when you admit that you’ve got a party planned for the weekend after they move in. But a few weeks in and the picture starts to look a lot less...

ego check

Writing up a storm these days, with more Max Finder Mysteries in the works and another picture book for Soundprints almost complete. So, basking in the glow of satisfied writing, I took a bloglines break and had my writing pride knocked out of me. bgliterary is Barry...

cars are great/i hate cars

“You care about nature, so you recycle, buy organic food and have even taken David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge. But now you’re faced with a dilemma: you need a car.” – David Suzuki Foundation Last year, I was living in a medium sized city...

doin’ dial-up

“Who cries for the wired?” – Liam O’Donnell Is it redundant to quote yourself in your own blog? My life has been one big plane-boarding, bus-riding blur lately, so I don’t know the answer to that question. What I do know is that...

berg blastin’ with ratboy

Because of my move, I’ve been away from my trusty game console for over two weeks and the callouses on my thumbs are getting soft. It may only be a Playstation 1 but I love my classic games and I’m going through some serious gaming withdrawal. But, today I...

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