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Pet Tales Picture Books

Each Pet Tales story follows a “day in the life” of a animal with an unusual job. The series is published by Soundprints Publishing, endorsed by the American Veterinary Medical Association and can be bought on its own or with a read-along CD and a plush toy.

This series is an excellent addition to any home library and perfect for school use, tying easily into curriculum studies on community and care of animals.

Winston in the City

Morning time in the city! Horns honk, engines rumble and bells clang. High above the noise, a sleepy dog named Winston wakes. From chasing pigeons in the park to people-watching on the cafes, Winston the dachshund takes readers on a tour of the city that he calls home.

Daisy on the Farm

Daisy and Clare’s special garden grows in the pasture behind the farmhouse. Together the friends clear fallen branches and pull up weeds. But Daisy is a curious farm pony and when the sweet smells of summer lure her away, Clare must find her friend before sundown.

Pepper: A Snowy Search

Pepper, a Labrador Retriever, lives in the mountains with his owner. When an avalanche buries some skiers, Pepper has a job to do. Can he find the skiers before it’s too late?

Ginger Leads the Way

Ginger is a Golden Retriever, and her family loves her. But Ginger is more than just a pet. She is a guide dog: When her owner goes to work, eats at restaurants, or shops for groceries, Ginger leads the way.

Tracker On the Job

Tracker is a specially trained police dog, and today is her first day on the job. When a girl loses her favorite stuffed toy, Tracker knows exactly what to do.

Lucy And the Busy Boat

Lucy is a cat who loves the sea, and Lucy’s owner is the captain of a boat. He always takes Lucy with him when he goes to work. Lucy likes being on the boat, and the passengers like playing with Lucy. Today, after visiting her favorite places on Crab Island, Lucy comes across a mysterious box on the boat.

Duncan – A Brave Rescue

Duncan is a playful dog who lives in a firehouse. One day, while playing a game of hide-and-seek, Duncan climbs onto the fire truck. No one finds him, so he falls asleep. When the fire truck races to a fire, Duncan is still inside! When he hears barking coming from inside a burning building, Duncan springs into action. Will Duncan save the day?

Baxter Needs a Home

Baxter is a sick and hungry stray cat. He wanders around the city, looking for a new home. But no one seems to want Baxter, until one day a nice store owner saves him from danger. Has Baxter finally found a friend who will give him a new home?

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