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Graphic Science


From crackling electricity to sizzling photosynthesis, Super Scientist Max Axiom takes primary grade students on a full-colour, super-cool journey into the world of science.

Series Highlights:

  • Ties directly into the elementary science curriculum
  • Full colour graphic novel format to hook reluctant readers
  • Short, easy to read chunks of text with comic book conventions like speech balloons, text boxesand action sequences
  • Includes a glossary, further reading suggestions and web links.

This eight book series is published by Capstone Press and is available in school classrooms and libraries across North America. Visit Capstone Press to order this seriously cool scientific series.

The Shocking World of Electricity

Dive into the heart of an atom and get supercharged with this up close look at the crackling world of electricity.

Join Max Axiom as he goes atom hopping with electrons, digs deep into the earth to see how we turn energy into electricity and rides the powerlines to see how electricity travels to our homes.

The World of Food Chains

Max Axiom gets chomping with this look at the food chains and webs that tie us all the world around us. Max rides on the back of insects and soars with falcons as he takes readers through each link on the food chain from the smallest Producer to the largest Consumer.

Each page of The World of Food Chains is illustrated in full colour, using comic book conventions to teach the concepts of predators, prey, decomposers, biodiversity and more.

Told in full colour, graphic novel format, The Shocking World of Electricity introduces readers to the concepts of renewable energy, generators, batteries, conservation and more.

Understanding Photosynthesis

Take a trip on a sunbeam with Max Axiom, as the Super Scientist explores the secrets of photosynthesis. Max digs deep into the roots of a plant and surfs all the way up to the leaves to discover how plants turn sunlight into food.

Understanding Photosynthesis uses full colour illustrations to take readers inside the leaves and roots plants to explain the concepts of the water cycle, transpiration, seasons and more.

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