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Blackbeard’s Sword

Blackbeard's SwordEdward Teach, known far and wide as Blackbeard, holds the coast of North and South Carolina in a grip of terror. Lieutenant Maynard and his men of the Royal Navy decide to capture the pirate, but they need help piloting their way through the shallow maze of coves and inlets.

They enlist the aid of local fishermen Jacob Webster and his father, but Maynard doesn’t count on the fact that Jacob may be leading them into trouble. The boy thinks Blackbeard is a hero!

Blackbeard’s Sword is a historical hybrid graphic novel combining narrative text with comic book conventions like speech bubbles, captions and panels.

This blend of formats is a perfect way to get reluctant readers over the challenges of full page text while getting hooked on reading.

Praise for Blackbeard’s Sword

“. . . this novel manages to engage the reader in an adventure story on the high seas. Based on the character of Blackbeard, this story uses a young boy’s infatuation with the glamour of piracy to show the truth about these men. Well done.”
Pamela Moore, Librarian, Collier County Public Library, May 2007

“The appealing combination of cartoon illustrations with dialogue balloons and easy-to-read text make this book a popular choice for pirate lovers and reluctant readers alike.”
School Library Journal, August 8th, 2007

Visit Stone Arch Books to learn more about Blackbeard’s Sword.

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