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links for 2008-05-20

1988 video explains Habitat virtual world Lucasfilm’s Habitat was one of (if not the) first graphic-based virtual worlds. I was too busy playing Curse of the Azure Bonds to notice it. Shame. (tags: VirtualWorlds videogames mmo history technology habitat...

links for 2008-05-16

Teens making summer cash in virtual worlds “With summer jobs in short supply, more young people are pursuing money-making opportunities in Web fantasy worlds.” Another reason why teaching 21st century skills to teens is so important. (tags: secondlife...

Infesting wisely tonight, er I mean next week, in Toronto

Reluctant media king, author, blogger and web host of the Liam O’Donnell online empire, Jim Munroe is holding a very special screening of his lo-fi classic-to-be, Infest Wisely, to celebrate the release of the DVD of the movie. Update: the screening is May 15th,...

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