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Wild Ride nominated for Hackmatack Award

I just received word yesterday that my new graphic novel, Wild Ride, is nominated for the 2008/09 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award! This is a great surprise and very great honour for many reasons. Not least of which is that Hackmatack winners are chosen...

links for 2008-03-05

Civilization Creator Lists Three Most Important Innovations in Gaming | Game | Life from Wired.com “Sid Meier pointed to the personal computer, Sim City, and Nintendo’s Seal of Approval as the three most important innovations in gaming history.” Not...

links for 2008-03-03

VW homes to watch real homes and other crazyness “Soon real buildings will be monitored and taken care of remotely through cyber replicas on the net — and their inhabitants too.” Late on this, but still too cool to pass up. (tags: videogames VirtualWorlds...

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