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links for 2008-02-27

US to sniff out terrorists in WoW. Really. “The U.S. Intelligence community is looking into World of Warcraft and other MMOs, aiming to create software that will pick out extremists and terrorists in online worlds.” Someone’s watched too many...

RezEd gets funding

Not much time to write about this, but the MacArthur Foundation just granted the great folks at Global Kids $72,000 to create RezEd, an online social network for educators intreresting in using virtual worlds in edcuation. From the MacArthur site: The Virtual World...

links for 2008-02-19

iSchool Podcast » Henry Jenkins on “Combating the Participation Gap” “According to recent studies by the Pew Center on the Internet And American Life, more than half of American teens online have produced media content and about a third have circulated media...

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