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Sneaking a peak at Metaplace

I just spent the last hour hanging out with Raph Koster and his crew and about 90 other keeners during the Metaplace developer’s chat and demo and all I can say is “Wow!” During the chat, the gang a Metaplace answered burning questions like...

On my way to OLA

[from main page] The librarians are coming! The librarians are coming! And I’m going to meet them. On Friday anyway. At the OLA Super Conference. Say around 2 pm? The Orca booth sound good? Great! See you there. Play your cards right and you could walk away with...

Tweeting at Educon

My virtual visit to the EduCon 2.0 conference in Pennsylvania wrapped up on Sunday afternoon and I was left with a great feeling of excitement about what lies ahead for education and technology. I also left with a new appreciation for that twitch-happy communication...

Attending EduCon 2.0 in my pajamas

EduCon 2.0 is happening right now in Philadelphia and I’m attending some of the sessions from the comfort of my office (and my comfy pajamas too) via their ustream channels. On the educon wiki, they describe the conference like this: EduCon 2.0 is both a...

Treadmilling in Mythos beta

I am always up for exploring a new video game, so I was very pleased to be invited to the private beta-test of Mythos, the new mmo from Flagship Studios, the original developer of the Diablo franchise of games. I barely remember signing up for the beta months ago, but...

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