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In memory

Robert (Bob) McBride 1920 – 2006 As some of you might know, Melanie has been in Kelowna for the last few weeks visiting her grandfather, who was very ill. Last Friday, Robert (Bob) McBride passed away peacefully at the age of 86. The service is today and I am...

A detective calls

As I’ve said a lot recently, one of the best parts of writing a book is finally seeing it all put together in papery form. These days with that whizbang internet thingy, authors usually get proofs of their books in electronic format as a pdf, so the thrill is...

Writing to the whistle

Okay, I admit. Getting cable for the World Cup isn’t doing my writing any favours. With three games a day and only an hour between games, I’m not getting much done during the day. But I have been making up the time by writing in the evening, so I’m...

Psst . . . wanna buy a house?

A few years ago, myself and Melanie tried to escape the big city of Toronto for the quiet BC wilderness of Kelowna (which is a city in itself, but you know what I mean.) Kelowna was nice (kinda) and the friends we met and family we crashed with were all great...

The beautiful pain in my back

So I’m there on Friday evening, the cable freshly installed and one game already watched, preparing to go to Book Expo on the Saturday when I turn and CRACK! Blinding pain shoots through my back and it’s all I can do to lower myself to the hardwood floor....

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