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Happiness is a Game of Laser Tag

Image from Vidlit.com Thankfully, my time spent working in corporate offices has been very brief. But I’d barely finished my first donut when I realized I was in another world, filled with it’s own warped language, customs and demands (pizza day! Crazy...

(Not) Everybody is Working for the Weekend

For freelancers like me weekends don’t exist. It’s Friday and we’re all meant to be getting excited about getting two days off to do whatever we please (which inevitably means cleaning the house/apartment/shed/car/cat/dog/gun/whatever.) For the last...

Stamps Alive!

The other day I posted about US stamps with kids lit characters on them. Today at we make money not art I found the really cool moving stamp you see on the right. And yesterday I bought some stamps. What the heck is going on?! They’re made by the Dutch design...

For Melanie

[thanks again to meish.org] tagged: [mel] [rokx0rz] [hard] You might also enjoy: Rallying for Jack and the Gang don’t forget to love the passion of the...

Kids Lit Characters Get Stamped

Although it was announced a month ago, I’m just hearing about the US Postal service’s plan to put some of our favourite kids lit characters on stamps. This is a great idea that is sure to be a favourite with card-sending grandparents and stamp-collecting...

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