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Buzzing Book Expo

My books will be at Expo and so will I! Thanks to the good folks at Canadian Bookseller Magazine, I will be attending this year’s Book Expo Canada here in Toronto.

As a children’s book reviewer and publishing industry writer, I love meeting all the publishers and seeing what’s new for the year.

As a kids book author, I’m very excited that my new picture books will be on display at the HB Fenn booth this year.

Should be a busy weekend!

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Lost in History

I haven’t had much time for technology or the internet lately, as I’ve been putting the final touches to a new short story for Kayak magazine, which will appear in their August/September issue (I think). No choosing your own adventure on this one, unfortunately. But I think kids will like the historical adventure I take them on. Can’t give away any more details until the magazine hits the shelves. You’ll just have to wait – if you think you can handle it. -)


Choosing your own fun in Kayak Mag

My new choose your own adventure story appears in the June/July issue of Kayak, the Canadian history magazine for kids.

Into the Money Pit takes readers deep into the mysterious Oak Island Money Pit in search of treasure, glory and a dog named Doubloon.

Kayak has great website and you can play Into the Money Pit online. So, before your buy your printed copy, head over to Kayakmag.ca and see if you can find the real treasure of Oak Island.

Not only were the guys at Kayak great to work with, they also succeeded in finding an illustrator with the same name as me! Besides having a great name, Liam Thruston’s art is fantastic and he managed to capture my three-eyed rodent perfectly (and that’s not an easy thing to do!)

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State of the artist survey

If there is one common thread running through the lives of those of us who make their living from the arts, it’s that we’re not in it for the money. Working full-time as a writer, illustrator, painter, musician, potter or poet means no health benefits, no cushy dental plan for those bi-annual checkups and often a lot of uncertainty about where your next paycheque is coming from. But we do it anyway. Personally, I feel we get a lot of other work benefits (the 30 second commute via the bathroom, the pyjama-friendly dress code and afternoon playstation breaks, just to name a few.)

While these perks are nice, they’re not as good as an 80% break on root canals. That’s why I’m urging all artists or friends of the arts to take the Status of the Artists Survey, from the Ontario Minister’s Advisory Council. It takes about 10 minutes and covers a wide range of issues concerning those who make their living in the arts from the creators to the distributors and beyond. The results from the survey will go towards the decision making process for grants for artists, care for ageing artists and re-thinking how the arts is seen and promoted in this sports-obsessed, corporate-theocratic culture we’re living in.

The deadline is this Friday, June 10th, so grab a coffee, put on your best pair of PJs and take the survey.