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Untrackable teens talk tech

Danah Boyd and several teens at the recent Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in Seattle confirm what I’ve always said about teens and RFID surveillance technologies: they don’t want it and they can get around it. From the transcript of the panel...

Author visits and me

Children’s writers clearly don’t receive the celebrity we deserve. We have to buy our own groceries, dress ourselves, chew our own food and even fight end of level bosses alone. It’s a tragedy. But it’s a tragedy that is corrected by the...

Who’s watching the kids?

I’ve posted earlier about RFID tags in kids clothes and cell phones providing a handy way for parents to strip kids of all sense of privacy and personal responsibility, while exposing their developing organs (like that useful thing called a brain) to potentially...

Back? Back!

Okay, what started out as a typical silence due to too much work was extended by a series of glitches with Blogger and then exasperated by a complete synapse shutdown on my part with my server settings not being tweaked when they clearly should have been tweaked...

BuddyBeads connect teens by emotion

[via textually.org] With 44% of US teens owning a cell phone staying in touch with your best friend is only a SMS message away. BuddyBeads are bringing that teen connection even closer. Designed and built by Ruth Kikin-Gil, a masters student at the Interaction Design...

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