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March is Max Finder Month

Comics get their day in the pages of March’s Owl Magazine and Max and Alison get the cover. Full points to illustrator-extraordinaire Michael Cho for whipping up a great full sized image of Canada’s favourite pre-teen detective duo. Inside the covers is...

Finding The Way Up

My head’s down working on a new project and an impending deadline, but I couldn’t look at my Friday post about ‘going to’ Pat Metheny anymore. We went, it was amazing in a way that I can’t even describe because I know I won’t do...

Jazzin’ it up

Everyday I get literally thousands of emails asking me what I’m up to on the weekend (or is it for v1aGrra? I can never tell.) Anyway, at long last I’ll tell you: Myself and my lady are stepping out to see the Pat Metheny Group in concert. I’m new to...

Great Day for Environment(s)

Well, it’s finally here, after months of waiting the good news is finally official: the NHL Season is cancelled. The mental environment of thinking Canadians will continue to get a much needed boost with the absence of over-paid goons hogging the CBC airwaves...

Stripped Book Readings

I’ve been hunkered down meeting a deadline and being creative, so it’s been quiet around here. But I did run into Stripped Books over at Chase Sequence [via Morning Improv]. These comic strips appear on BookSlut regularly and offer a surreal, post-modern...

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