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flickred fun

A search in google last night using the key words “funny stuff” came up with this: And this: Why all this google abuse? (not to mention the pain and suffering to the poor Legos.) It was all part of my first real stab at flickr, the new social software...

thinking socially for kids

You know you’ve stumbled into something relatively fresh when you’re quoted on corante’s many 2 many social software blog (it’s not as cool as having billy bragg drop by your blog, but I just had to blow my own trumpet.) It all started when I...

22 ways to leave your writer

Graphic Novels have been this weekend’s theme. I’m writing an article about them and putting the finishing touches to the latest Max Finder Mystery. So, I was happy when I came upon an interesting post in Prentiss Riddle’s blog that captured how my...

billy blogwatches too

There’s a definite Billy Bragg theme running through my blogexistence recently and it seems that I’m not the only one. Demian over at Guild of Ghostwriters was inspired to create a Karoke Doodle for Billy’s song She’s Got a New Spell and it...

why billy is still cool

“You’ve got to hand it to Billy Bragg. Most of his peers are either playing the Bournemouth Pavilion in an eighties nostalgia night or they’re resuscitating flatlined careers eating caterpillars in the Australian outback. But Bragg, the troubadour of...

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