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ebook creep

Earlier today, while I was tempted away from writing by that tantalising internet explorer button in my desktop tray, I landed on the Guardian?s site and found this piece about ebooks. Remember them? Well it seems that despite losing two major distributors (Barnes...

i’m backed up, are you?

I run an OLD system and I ask a lot of it. So, I am in constant fear of my old P166 (you read right 1 – 6 – 6) just refusing to go one day. That fear was reinforced the other day when Robert Paterson posted this: “My hard drive crashed this weekend....

thinking thoughts

RoundandRounders, Flashers, Floaters and Twisters ? as someone who earns his keep from his ideas these are very familiar names. But I didn?t know that until 5 minutes ago. That?s when I dropped by Augustine?s Blog, and found her post on Thoughts. Like many of her...

12 steps to surviving fractal apathy

I?m new to this whole blogging thing and very quickly starting to like it a lot. But until this week I wasn?t really sure why it attracted me so much. A series of sites put together my new found interest in blogging like the pieces of tricky Tomb Raider puzzle. It...

old fight for new tech

?This is either intellectual incompetence or intellectual dishonesty.? – Howard Rheingold Response to this piece on the Cato Institute’s website has sparked a heated debate over who will own the internet of the future. The author of the article, Adam...

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