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Trailers, awards, meltdowns n’ more

August 23rd, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Sheesh, I stop blogging for a few months and you miss out on a barrel of book-loving good stuff. Not to worry, I’ve managed to gather it all together to get you up to date on the latest stuff happening with Bounce, Pema, Devin, Nadia and a few new characters that I’m so excited for you to meet. Let’s go!

Soccer Sabotage scores a trailer

Soccer Sabotage, Book 3 in the Graphic Guide Adventures series, continues to win readers across the country. To help spread the goals and the news, the great folks at Orca put together a trailer for the book. Check it out below:


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Ramp Rats lands Shuster Nomination

Ramp Rats, the Book 2 in the Graphic Guide Adventure series has picked up some new fans over the summer months. Although Bounce and Pema’s biker gang-busting grindfest has been out for a few years, the comic aficionados at the Joe Shuster Awards have nominated Ramp Rats for their 2009 Comics for Kids award. Mike Deas and I are in with some great company, so thanks to the Joe Shuster folks and good luck to everyone nominated.

While Ramp Rats is winning friends and Soccer Sabotage is climbing the charts over at youtube, the Book 5 in the Graphic Guide Adventure series is getting ready to take on the net itself!

Media Meltdown on its way

Media Meltdown beams its way to bookstores in October 2009 and it’s set to change the way you look at your TV, game system and even the streets around you.

med-mltdwn-thumbCombining more fast-paced adventure and mystery while uncovering the inner-workings of modern media, Media Meltdown is perfect for gamers, writers, readers and jammers everywhere.

To celebrate the launch of the book, we’re putting together a Media Meltdown website at http://mediameltdown.net/ filled with games, drawing tips, avatars and wallpapers to download and ways for you make a difference in your media-packed world.

Once again, illustrator extraordinaire Mike Deas has brought my words to life with his amazing artwork. Check out Mike’s post at the Graphic Guide Adventures website for a sneak peak at some of the illustrations and stay tuned here for news when mediameltdown.net goes live in a few weeks.

But wait! There’s more . . .

But is that all for the Graphic Guide Adventure series?

No way!

I’ve spent the last few months scribbiling away at Book 5 in the series: Food Fight. Due out in Spring 2010, Food Fight reunites readers with Devin and Nadia, as they stumble into a fresh mystery about not-so fresh food. As they track down clues and chase suspects, the kids learn the truth behind the food we all eat. Can’t say much more, but I’m very excited for this one too. Food Fight is now in Mike’s hands and he’s working his magic. Will reveal all when the time is right.

In the meantime, keep reading and enjoy the final weeks of summer!

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