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From chapter books to comic strips, I write fiction and non-fiction for young readers. My work has appeared in books, magazines and on television screens across North America and Europe.

This page features my latest writing news. You can read what I have to say about other stuff in my weblog, feeding change.

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Latest News

January 30, 2006

Writing for Comics at Smithfield MS

Max Finder Mystery Theatre in action
(photo courtesy of Mrs. Jackson, Smithfield MS)

Last week, I spent two great days talking about comics with the grade 8 students at Smithfield Middle School. It was all part of Family Literacy Day and it was a great chance to show the students exactly how comics are made and the work it takes to carry an idea out from my head and onto the pages of a book.

The students were eager to listen (or just eager to be out of class) and they had some great questions, the best of which was: "Are you married?" I think by that point, they were just trying to stretch out their 'out of class' time, but I was happy to help. I've been there. Who can blame them for thinking that listening to me talk about writing for comics was better than math class?

One of the highlights of each of the five (!) presentations was the installment of Max Finder Mystery Theatre, where selected students joined me up at the front to read a Max Finder Mystery. After some mild encouragement, the kids eagerly grabbed their scripts and soon we were immersed in some serious co-operative sleuthing. The photo above captures all the exciting action. I'll be posting more photos of the talk in the near future.

I'd like to thank all the students at Smithfield MS for welcoming me into their school and I'd also like to thank Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Smith for their hospitality over the two days. It was a great way to spend Family Literacy Day.

If you'd like me to visit your school and talk to your students about writing comics and graphic novels, you can contact me at: liamodonnell_(at)_gmail_(dot)_com.

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