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From chapter books to comic strips, I write fiction and non-fiction for young readers. My work has appeared in books, magazines and on television screens across North America and Europe.

This page features my latest writing news. You can read what I have to say about other stuff in my weblog, feeding change.

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Latest News

August 9, 2005

New Story in Kayak Magazine

My latest story, "The Blue-Fisted Paddle" appears in the Aug/Sept issue of Kayak magazine.

It's the summer of 1668 in the colony of New France and 16 year old Luc is learning what it means to travel with the coureurs de bois, the lawless 'runners of the woods.'

Here's the opening few paragraphs to whet your appetites:

The large hand pulled me from my hiding spot.

"Listening to our conversation, farm boy?" Sebastian gripped my neck and pushed his pockmarked face close to mine. For weeks, this man had tormented me and now he had caught me sneaking around like a misbehaving child. His companions, Henri and Josef, were eager to witness another display of Sebastian's legendary foul temper. "Your ears are too big, Luc. Tell me what you heard."

"Nothing," I lied. To tell these men the truth would mean death. To tell them that I heard their plan to murder Nicolas Perrot, our expedition leader, would end my short time as a coureurs de bois, a runner of the woods.

Read the rest of the story in Kayak magazine, available in bookstores across Canada. A definite word of thanks to Remie Geoffroi for his great illustrations that help bring the story to life.

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